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Someone named Marco does a nice job of pointing out the short comings in my “Case Against Apple.”

The funny/sad part of the debate so far has been the technology folks who are actually arguing for *less* choice in the name of ease of use/customer support. The fact is, allowing certain folks to easily/officially/legally jailbreak/unlock their phones is something Apple could do easily. Same with opening up iTunes or the App Store. Apple could easily make users flip a warning or two—like folks do on routers—when users optin to doing something a little more “hacky.”

It is nice to see so many folks take the piece apart and really thing about the issue… that was my main goal.


I’ve seen a lot of people quoting and linking to Jason Calacanis’ recent article, The Case Against Apple—in Five Parts, in a positive light. But I can’t. It’s ridiculous.

Let’s start with an easy one:

Sure, everything on the Mac platform costs twice as much …


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